Convergence = Character + Charisma + Kairos

convergence is when your character, your charisma, and the kairos moment, all come together into convergence and you find yourself riding the wave of history. you’ve gotta pass the test if you’re gonna change the world. you’ve gotta be able to submit to authority and not get angry. you’ve gotta pass the test of blessing those who curse you and hurt you. you’ve gotta forgive those in church. church is the best place to get hurt. forgive your pastor and stop being bitter ’cause if you don’t you’ll never make it to your convergence. you’ll just go ’round the mountain with a bitter spirit.

your character has got to be able to contain your charisma ’cause there is an anointing that’s on you, a charisma that’s on you. but when your character has caught up with charisma, then there comes the kairos moment, the fullness of time, and suddenly everything changes in a day and joseph gets out of prison and is in the palace.

Lou Engle (Burn Class, Luke 18 SLP Teachings 2009)


6 thoughts on “Convergence = Character + Charisma + Kairos

  1. Love it Riz. thanks for posting the bitterness will keep you bound. the Lord has to pound it out of us. someone the Lord will use can’t be full of himself.


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