all set for jakarta, except for my bags and delirious timeline

 Last April, I paid the $100 registration via credit card.

Then came the bill, which I paid with almost half my monthly salary.

Living on P500 for 2 weeks, I was blessed to work during a 4-day youth camp, all expense paid. So I had less days to fit into the P500.

Weeks before, the WPA released a budget for sponsoring young people to join the prayer assembly in Jakarta. 100% accommodations support was bestowed upon international delegates 30 years and below. Then 50% of my airfare was subsidized. *Jaw drops*

The last stretch would be the travel tax and pocket money.

Then, behind my back, my Dad was raising money. I didn’t know until recently when he asked me to pray for the solicitation letter that he sent. I don’t know what to say but it seems that the thousands of pesos I used to pay for my airfare and registration is about to be reimbursed by the support that was recently pledged, giving me enough finances for the tax and pocket money… 😀


I wanna cry.

When we work so hard in the ministry, sometimes pride creeps in and we begin to think that we deserve all this. All the support. All the favor. All the VIP treatment. But that is not true. God is a gracious God and every supernatural provision is a message of grace, mercy and undeserved favor.

I really want to repent for my arrogance in almost scolding God for telling me to go but not telling me how to find the provision for my trip. It gets tricky when we start talking about faith and dependence on God. Honestly, many times I feel like scolding God for making things so difficult. Haha.

But like I said in my previous blog post, I am learning. I have not mastered the art of dependence on God’s faithfulness. (Well, who has, right?) But it’s quite obvious that I have so much to learn and so much pride to lay down. But I am thankful that it’s not about my faith but His faithfulness. The Lord Jehovah Sovereign had spoken, and He lives up to His word.

And we are stunned. Exposed. Mesmerized.

We’re all set for Jakarta, minus the packed bags and tons of work — day job and freelance assignments. Another mile to prove God’s faithfulness. So help me, God.



7 thoughts on “all set for jakarta, except for my bags and delirious timeline

  1. Oh wow! God is so sweet and so is your dad, Riz! And God indeed blessed you exceeding, abundantly, more than you can ever think of or imagine! Love this!


  2. When we least expect it, God provides in the most inpsiring and awesome way. I had so many exoeriences when I felt I got nothing else, that the world seem to be crumbling and just at that moment when I’m about to give up, he comes to my rescue. He is amazing. Beautiful post. Thanks.


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