foodlah foodlah

For a fact, now proven, you will never go hungry in the company of true Filipino friends.

Here’s to my lovely girls in Singapore. Snapshots of food lah, long digested…

Subway Lunch at Changi City Pointe Mall c/o the Princess

~It’s not Singaporean cuisine but it made me so happy I had another one of this the following day! I wanted to eat something light and I craved their Macadamia cookies!

Subway 6-inch value meal!

Huling Hapunan (Last Supper) at Glutton’s Square c/o the Model

~A treat by my supermodel friend, ‘huling hapunan’ ‘coz parang kakatayin kami kinabukasan sa dami ng inorder na pagkain (it’s so many you’d think we’re about to be butchered the next day)

RL, ikaw na ang reyna ng Glutton’s Square. Thanks for the treat! The baby squid was really delicious!

Pansit (Noodles)

Ban Mian at Changi City Pointe Mall Food Court (Ground Floor) c/o the Enterpreneur

~I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted great. Reminds me of our Laos food escapades and the unique taste of other Asian noodle soups, quite different from Filipino cuisine.

Ban Mian

Food Court at Changi City Pointe Mall

Food Court at Changi City Mall

Of course, I also paid for my food on the other meal times. I made sure I ordered Singaporean food. I wasn’t able to try their infamous S’pore Chicken, though.

Kway Teow at Changi City Pointe Mall Food Court (Upper Level)

~reminiscent of the Pad Thai but surprisingly spicy still, even though I had requested the cook to lessen the chili. I LOVE KWAY TEOW!

singaporean noodles
Kway Teow


~this is not s’porean, but Japanese food. it’s my first time to try it though and I definitely loved it! I might look for more of it here in Manila!


Gong Cha’s Melon (Milk) Tea with Pearl Jelly

~For a fact, I craved for another one of this right after I finished my cup. I didn’t know milk tea could be this good because so far, I’ve only tried Moonleaf.

Gong Cha

The rest of S’pore’s dishes, I have yet to try when I go back there. So Singapore lah, au revoir! 🙂

And to the starfruit shake that tastes like dagta in a good way. (My sis ended up buying starfruit shake ‘coz she thought it sounded like strawberry shake, my order which happened to be not available.) CHEERS!


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