What Am I Bid?

The following excerpt was taken from the book, Red Moon Rising, by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts:

What Am I Bid?

Suddenly I find myself in a giant hall. Surrounding me are thousands of young people, battered, bruised, and broken. Then suddenly, I hear a voice “What am I bid?”

A young girl stands out before the crowd of leering, sneering men. “What am I bid for this piece of flesh?”

The men start to cheer and shout figures: “Ten,” “Twenty,” “Fifty,” “One hundred.”

What can I do, God?

I start to bid. I have to save her. The cost becomes huge, and I begin to waiver. Can I afford this? What price will I pay?

The dream stops.

I’m alone again. But the faces are real enough: Sarah being sold into prostitution; Mike with a revolver in his mouth; Kat covered in cuts and bruises; John falling into crime; Laura alone and desperate; Steve, heroin needle bulging into his vein.

“What am I bid?”

The voice shatters the silence. The auction is on again. The bidding has begun. I continuous day and night until the end. Most of the bidders desire only use and abuse. Satan drives them on.

And so I find myself in the auction. Will I watch or will I bid? The price of a single life is huge. The currency is prayer. The cost is massive, but the prize is glorious. A life for a life.

What am I bid?

Written late one night in a Reading, U.K., Boiler Room


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