Bill-Struck in S’pore Day 2

I’m a self-confessed Bill Johnson fan. No, I do not worship him. Jesus is my no.1 and 1 and only. But heck, I really like the depth, humility, profundity, simplicity, freedom and fun I experience every time I listen to Bill Johnson. Making it only to day 3 of the 4-day conference, I got a bit worried on day 4 that I might have missed all the BJ sessions already. And so on the morning of day 4, as I sat there amongst the crowd while waiting for the next speaker, I had to post my concern on FB. I started typing on my Blackberry… I staggered a little because I didn’t know how to phrase my words. And before I finished typing, Bill Johnson had climbed up the stage and had started speaking. My heart leaped with joy! I posted another status. And then I tried posting a photo but my phone didn’t allow me. Here’s the photo that I had hoped to post:

Please understand, I had never been anyone’s fan before. I had never faithfully followed any tv sitcom ever. Except for Jason Upton, of course, of whom I am the self-proclaimed president of his fans’ club in the Philippines. But I never really desired so much to see Jason Upton sing live as much as I had desired to see Bill Johnson in person. For the first time in my 30 years of existence, I really really really wanted to have a photo taken of me shoulder to shoulder with someone, Grandpa Bill.

The night before, I had imagined myself arriving one hour early so I can get a seat on the front row so I can run after him as he descends from the stage, even just for a Kodak moment. I thought of that and I wondered if it’s okay, if it’s not illegal, disrespectful or intrusive. I wondered if it’s something that will not ruin my Nazirite vow. But then on the morning after, laziness won the debate. I arrived late.

But there was him. And God was there. And words of wisdom. But it wasn’t really much different from watching him via He was, still “that small.” lol. (See above photo.) A cool photograph of us two would have made a huge difference!

And some quotes from the session (the topic was ‘Knowing the Holy Spirit’):

When Jesus felt the woman (with the issue of blood) touch the hem of His garment — it makes you ask, ‘How aware of God’s presence should you be?’

How aware of God’s presence was Jesus for Him to notice that power had flowed out of Him!?

Religion doesn’t want you to explore, it wants you to control.

Even when we are not instructed, we can decide to explore if we have such sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. If we are intimate with God.

Every move is to protect that presence of God in my life — as if a dove (Holy Spirit) were on my shoulders.

The woman with the issue of blood was aware of what Jesus’ presence carries for her – healing. But are we conscious that there is so much also available there for us? How aware are we of the presence of God in our lives? And how conscious are we of the “shopping cart” of blessings goes with the said presence of God? If only we would be aware, then we will be changing the atmosphere in the places we go to! (Just one touch right?)

It’s not about ministry but relationship! <– I suddenly saw this sentence in a different light this time.

I am not even here to minister! I’m here to host God’s presence! When I learn to become intimate with God, when I learn to protect God’s presence in my life… to recognize the benefits His presence brings, then I carry with me the power that heals by virtue of just being touched. It’s not ministry, it’s intimacy. It’s awareness of what’s already there. It’s recognizing that God wants to hang out with us, our part is to not send Him away or forget that He’s there.

Faith is not a result of effort but yielding. It is normal for a believer to have faith. That’s why you’re called a believer!

I hope you guys were able to pick up something of an impartation from this post. And I would just like to add that even though I was not able to get a picture of Grandpa Bill and me, I sucked as much anointing as I could during the impartation segment of the conference on day 3. That’s why I was there! 😉


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