In the nick of time – s’pore day 1

It was a healing school. I had been dreaming of about it – for the past years, and even more intensely these past few months, desiring to see God move in signs and wonders and miracles in my life and ministry. I wanted to come to Singapore for the 4-day school but it would cost me a lot.

First, I would have to miss more than half of the 4-day conference. It didn’t even cross my mind at first to even consider attending only half of it. I would have to fly to Singapore on day 3 and miss the first session that day, while hoping to catch the second session.

Second, I would have to spend the money I’m saving for my trip to Jakarta in May, and for buying a t-shirt printing machine for my business-to-be. A good friend’s friend had just offered to sell me his  second-hand printing machine at a very good price but I had to decline. There’s not enough cash for everything. I also had to cancel some of my scheduled expenses. And had to favor riding a jeepney (P15) instead of the FX (P30) going to work. I was bringing recycled or home-cooked food for lunch. And… skipping dessert.

Thirdly, I had to streamline my activities and pack 5 days before my flight. It will be a busy week approaching my dinner event for our graduating tenants the day before my flight. I hardly slept the day before the dinner, editing an 8-minute video.

But most of all, I really wasn’t so sure if I had enough money for this. I have a few thousand pesos due from the credit card swipes. A few bucks coming on the 15th. I was flying on the 16th. And I’d go back to zero savings when I get home. At age 30, this would not be an very admirable decision. I don’t even have enough Pag-ibig credits to loan for a house or car or paddle boat.

But as I was praying two weeks before the conference, once again I felt that intense desire to run hard after the things of God. It was a dream that rages inside me every time God’s spirit draws near. I had decided that it was impractical and thus, something to be let go of. But then it had not crossed my mind to go for only 2 of the 4 days. Is it really worth it? People will think I’m foolish and that I’m spending too much. But there was a surge of faith, and I knew that I simply had to go. Once again, I was getting a glimpse of what faith really meant. It was a plunge, a risk, a sacrifice, a surety, an indescribable belief in doing something that at that moment makes much sense but under normal circumstances really looks foolish. But I’m still diving in.

I arrived at Changi City Airport at 10am. The second session for that day starts at 10am. I rushed to immigration. Then I was third in line, finally. But the interview began to stall. They kept interrogating the lady until they finally brought her somewhere for further investigation. Sheesh! Why just now. I was agitated. My chance of making the most out of the day was becoming thinner and thinner.

Finally made it outside. They also questioned the lady before me. Whew. I took a shuttle to the MRT. I walked real fast and made it to the MRT entrance when the line to the ticket booth was very short. But I had to check first how much a ticket will cost. (I only had $3 because I didn’t want to change my money at the airport.) I left the line. There was no price list to be found. I went back in line only to find it longer. Stalling again.. Then I realized I wasn’t supposed to be in that queue:


Good thing there was no queue at the ticket machines. I made it peacefully to the conference venue (only one station from the airport MRT) and then found another line leading to the conference hall. Noooooo again.

After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, I noticed that some people were walking straight past the line. Uh-oh, the line was for a different event in the Singapore Expo (where there happened to be several exhibits ongoing at that time).

And when I finally reached Hall 1, they wouldn’t let me in even though I explained that my ID/kit/passes were with my companions who were inside. They said I’d have to wait until the session ends, which would not be very long from now because it’s almost lunch break. Nooooooooooo! I didn’t rush all the way here to catch lunch break. 😦 I wanted to faint.

I started walking away, remembering that I ran into Jezreel, one of our Filipino friends who came. He must have gone to the restroom. But how am I supposed to look for him? Impossible. But I shouldn’t give up, I realized. I walked back, went straight for the entrance (and not the registration table) and thought I’d sneak in or something. Then as I was about to sneak in, my sister stepped out of the entrance! She said she sensed me coming! Oh boy, isn’t God just right on time?

I went inside and in the next few minutes, as I listened to the speaker, I had never felt more sure that I made the right decision coming over. I recorded what he said:

I blinked and tears rolled down my cheeks. I’m glad to be in the right place at the right time. To catch those words in the nick of time.


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