The Cure – Part 5

4. Jesus is Alive and He wants us to be as alive as He is

I pray that God would reveal this to each one of us. While I was praying, God showed me how Jesus was so brimming with life because He did everything he was created for! Jesus wants us to live in fullness because He also lived a full life. He is so radiant and shining and loving and glorious and joyful and spectacular and explosive that even those who touched his garment got healed! How much more ALIVE could one get from that?! And David, who was described as a man after God’s heart, was caught what? Dancing recklessly to the point of being stripped of his underwear! And it pleased the Lord that David danced!

And so the cure to loneliness (and to other diseases so to speak), I believe, is to pursue God and to make Him our source. That emptiness did not leave when I asked God to take it away. It only disappeared when I asked God to satisfy me and as I partook of His love through a lifestyle of (desperate for moments with Him in) prayer, worship, Word and stewardship of His blessings.

I fell in love with the idea of falling in love when I was 10, I think. And I had made that an idol in my life until I met Jesus. Then I had to ask Him to help me rid myself of that conviction that I can only find fulfillment when I find a man who will love me the way I desired to be loved. For years, it seemed impossible to reverse the addiction to a fairy tale romance. But God is a god of miracles, and I cannot pinpoint when it exactly happened, but it did. I found myself longing after God, more than anything in the world. (It took years for me, I think.)

Best of all, I found that He will satisfy our longings and soak that quarantined area of emptiness inside us, if we will let Him.

I am drenched. I am soaked. I am running barefoot. I am stoked.
I am carefree. I’m alive. I have risen. I had died.
This is freedom. This is life. Moment by moment, sought by Your eye.
Stronger that the turmoil, stronger than shame.
Love that grips me. Made me running. Made me certain. One day, I will, look You in the eye.
I will know You. You are mystery, my daily treasure. I will not stop.


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