The Cure – Part 1

Sometimes I feel like I’m an inventor who has finally discovered the cure.

Years ago, I heard a report. And the report, which then I wasn’t sure if it were a rumor or fact, its truth or the proof of its accuracy became more and more believable as months passed us by. At first, I held on to it, hoping it were possible although it seemed impossible. But later, I held on to it because I believed it to be possible although it still felt impossible. I had transitioned from wishfullness to certainty. There was the story of faith that came alive.

The cure was and is the cure for all kinds of illness – mental, emotional, physical, or whatever you want to call yours which until now still has no name that justifies its symptoms for all it’s worth. (But of course, for me it was emotional. And that was the illness that I had been devising a remedy for. A remedy for the heart that cannot be stilled.)

You do not have to stay that way – dysfunctional just because your most spiritual friend or mentor does not seem to have the solution to your inferno.

I had dared to demand from God that if he truly is God, he has the solution to all things and he must give it to me. I was at his mercy. I know no other possible solution to my lunacy except divine intervention.

For those of you, looking for a formula, you are willing to drink anything from the flask, regardless of its color and composition, even for a 50% promise of a miracle coming out of that risk. This is for you. But I’m afraid it only works for those who choose to believe.

And I did, 20 years ago when I was in 3rd grade. I believed that a man named Jesus died in my place for the all the sins I have committed and will commit. I believed that Jesus is God and that God is love and all he feels for me is love, never rejection, always love, and that is why Jesus died. Because God loves me, he died in my place. And when I admit that I need him to forgive me from all my sins, he forgives. And when I choose to entrust my life to him, obey him from now on, He makes me come alive. All my senses, my faculties, my soul, find their true purpose and then unquenchable fulfillment.

He died for you as well. But this is not the cure yet. It is just the requirement for the cure to work.

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