Is LIFE but breath and consciousness?
Is it not exhilaration
A river burning like a torrent in your veins
Your heart exploding at their convergence
And then the colors of a Savior splatters
in the air

Is it not the daily trembling
from the tsunamis of the soul
of your entirety soaked

Is ‘life’ not, not as most mean when they say it?
LIFE is when you gasp for air
because your insides are drenched
with sounds and voice without a name
always new, always shameless
always relentless
Your are not alive when you have not yet made a fool of yourself

It is when we inhale as if the air were perfume
you can’t get enough of
It is Who we inhale

He is alive. And alive is not
just a word for breath or consciousness

It is who He is
the happiest man
the loudest laugher
the most undignified dancer
the most intoxicated
the most excited
the most anticipated
the most vibrant and colorful
the most adorable
the most beautiful
the most

of all…

He’s the song you have not heard
He was poured out so abundantly
And we are drenched, overjoyed, unsatisfied


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