The Foreword

Oh man! I was going to post some cool images here but I already forgot what images they were! Ha!

So I’m posting this instead, something quite serious rather than light.

“I dream of an awakening in universities… that will shake humanism and its professors like a terrier shakes a rat in its teeth. I dream that Christian students would become more radical than anarchists, and that the preaching of Christ and the healing power of God would create riots in the public squares… that fraternity houses with sons of Greek philosophy would be taken over by the sons of Zion with their 24/7 houses of prayer! But is it merely a dream? No! A thousand times, no! We are in the throes of a great reformation of prayer. In the past two years, spontaneously and almost undirected by human hands, student-run houses of 24/7 prayer have popped up in colleges all across the nation. When God is getting ready to do something atomic, He always sets His people to praying. It seems that our universities are going to be ground zero for the revival balm of God.” – Foreword by Lou Engle in The Blueprint by Jaeson Ma, c 2007


4 thoughts on “The Foreword

  1. Oh Riz, I really really wanna read his book na jud. Still haven’t found the time yet to check it at OMF. It sounds so radical and super tumpak!


    1. I don’t think they have it sa OMF tzi. Hehe. Re my other post, I got starstruck too! Pinamalita ko pa sa office that he posted a comment on my blog. Haha.


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