things to do more often in 2012

Ever been in a moment where you suddenly realize, “Hey! I should do this more often!”? Or perhaps, you exclaim, “Why did I do this just now? I should have know that this would have made things better!”

Well, whether it’s something that simply brightens us up out of boredom or something that lifts us out of a weighed-down spirit, these things are definitely some of the stuff we should be doing more, right?

(I am not talking about costly activities like traveling to an island or buying a gadget. I am referring to the little things that are more just at arms length.)

So yeah, I thought I should list down mine few reminders of TO DO MORE OFTEN in 2012. Here they are:

1. Have breakfast at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf during an off-peak hour (so that I can have the cafe all to myself). *Because I find the relaxing atmosphere inspiring and rejuvenating.

2. Read the Bible like a good old novel, continuously for hours, in one sitting, and in complete absorption. (Best done together with No. 1)

3. Listen to songs that inspire me to sing.

4. Listen to music that inspire me to spend more time with my piano.

5. Wait on God for an extended period of time. With undivided focus, honing my ears to listen to His breath.

6. Do physically engaging activity, like a jog or a swim.

7. Catch up, laugh and pray with close friends.

8. Declare or sing Scripture at the top of my voice.

9. Release a prophetic word for someone.

10. Take a short vacation away from Manila!

Although there are a lot of other things that I would like to do, these are the ones that easily came to mind. Things that I think, if I would do more often, would bring me closer to God. So what would be yours list of ‘to do’s’?

wait, can I just add…:

11. Eat Pho Ha (and other sumptuous Asian food that remind me of Indochina missions)


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