A Moment to Confront – Preaching Download

How could one person preach a sophisticated message that is for a mature audience and yet be preaching the Gospel at the same time throughout? Just one of the reasons why I love Lou! Minutes into the word and I already wanted to run for the altar (call)… Be born again again! Haha…

If God had ever given you a DREAM, listen to this. If you are desiring to receive a dream from God, listen to this too. 🙂

A Moment to Confront, Lou Engle, One Thing 2011: Download Here.

Movements are inside of you when you receive the word of the Lord. – Lou Engle

“…and the joys we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known…” – an old hymn

The media comes under the prophetic ministry of the Church. The Media doesn’t have the last word… the prophetic, praying Church has the last word!”

You hear the Voice and then you pray what the Voice said and the Voice will lead you to make history with Heaven.


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