Here’s to Last-minute Shopping! this Christmas season beats the record for being the most last-minute shopping I’ve ever made in my (should I say) 30 years on Earth. 😛

Before I hit the mall to buy gifts for my officemates last night, I only had 13 names ticked off on my list – Jethro, my one and only nephew (who received 2 Christmas gifts already), my 11 cousins (and cousins-in-law) in Manila whom I got a chocolate bar each, and my aunt. Truth be told, I was almost set on not making any Christmas list at all! But my work load lightened this week. Then, sober realizations began to ease in. I also realized that the season is too precious to skip the opportunity to sacrifice a bit by spending what I hoped to save instead.

So last night, the 21st day of December, I bought each my 23 co-workers, a little something from the mall. This has been the best workplace and the most loving office I’ve been placed in. We’re quite small. (With only 24 staff.)

I tried to finish wrapping each item last night. Ended up sleeping late. (‘Cause I still had to figure out which color to give whom. The gifts were sort of the same kind but w/ diff. designs.) I put so much thought to it but it was a wonderful feeling to spend so much time doing things for people you love. This morning, I started giving out the gifts. It was awesome. I’m so glad I decided to give out rather than to hold back.

It was my first time to buy each of my workmate a Christmas gift!!! I feel like I’m a totally different person!

On the other hand, I refuse to panic thinking of the fact that I still have no gifts for my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, pastors and leaders, churchmates, nephew and nieces. Could it be that I will finish my rush Christmas shopping tonight?

Merry Christmas to all of us!


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