Let the Fathers Pray

When fatherless leaders rule, fatherless rule follows and we have societal disintegration.

Believe me, stadiums will be filled in this great awakening to come, but God will never bypass the process of fathering and discipleship.

It is not enough for sons to be born. Our goal must be to bring them to the place of character where they can shoulder government. (Isaiah 9:6)

Prayer will thrust men and women into the high places.

Lou Engle, The Reformer’s Pledge

Warning: I’m not in super blogging mode today so everything just has a tendency to become a rant. Just some of the things swimming in my mind right now. If you’re willing to get a bit messed up.

One of our Christian tenants sat in front of my office table one night. This is typical. Usual. Some of them borrow my portable mini speaker and start playing songs from their ipod. Some of them look for food. Some of them ask silly questions. Some of them ask serious ones. Some of them borrow money. Haha.

This particular passerby is already a friend. He started asking philosophical questions, ones that unconsciously touch on the philosophy of relativism. By unconsciously, I mean, I don’t think he’s aware of it. But I was. This is typical of college students. I remember my cousin posting an atheistic status on Facebook one time. He’s a Christian. He was totally unaware of the philosophy behind the quote he just posted until I told him.

As I chatted with this smart kid who was not even a humanities student (- he’s a BS student), I was reminded of the verse in Isaiah that says, “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be on His shoulder…” The question he had had to do with what heaven would look like since some of the things we have on earth are not allowed in heaven. And his question touched on issues like government and peace. I wanted to tell him that we can see pieces of heaven on earth right now if we will choose to bring Kingdom rule through reformation. That heaven is not an absurd reality but in part, runs by principles that we are to learn even now so we can hasten its rule. How do you explain that to a 17-year-old who has been accustomed to religion rather than Kingdom truths? I did share to him though about Kingdom principles that we need to learn because they’re not in line with our secular thinking.

I just bought a book by Ptr. Hiram, it is an expose about occult practices here in the Philippines. One of our Christian tenants just consulted a Tarot Card reader weeks ago. They were not taught in church that it is wrong and demonic. The fortuneteller is also one of our tenants.

I saw a Harry Potter book on our front desk. It was addressed to another one of our Christian tenants. I couldn’t help but wonder if he had requested to borrow it and why in the world he would want to read a book that promotes lies and witchcraft.

On the other hand, I have also met young firebrands who know how to recognize Jezebel’s disguises and who will not tolerate even an ounce of her schemes. I praise God for them.

I told this young lady that Tarot readings are ‘no no’s’ and are written of in the Bible. She didn’t react. Did she get offended? I don’t know.

I could imagine an expose seminar (as if it’s not that hard to expose) on Harry Potter and Twilight creating a commotion. It is intimidating to challenge people into rejecting their well loved possessions. But I don’t think the first step should be to confront them with a talk, scolding or seminar.

I’ve had one tenants open up to me on our first encounter. We got introduced and after a few minutes of chit chat, the conversation turned into a counseling session. Delicate issues were opened up. But am I mentoring him already? No. There was still that lack of readiness. The state of heart clearly calls for more prayer.

It is one thing to teach disciples. It is another thing to pray that they will grow up to pursue God with passion.

We can radically teach truths but only God can bring forth the fruits. Only God can break hindrances. Only God can bring breakthroughs. I am praying and praying and praying. I need to pray some more. I sense God’s call to pray. To pray them in – not just the harvest, but disciples. Sons and daughters who have received Christ but are not being taught how to rule and reign. They’re not being given the hard facts that they have an enemy who wants to devour them. We need to pray them in. Not just teach them in.

Our weekly prayer sessions with the tenants had recently stopped. I really sense God calling me to pray more. But not just to pray for “his move,” but to pray for each soul, each name, each son and daughter, that they would be discipled. God calls nations but he also calls us by  name. He is calling each 16-year-old, 17- and 18-year-old in this place to a place of discipleship. A place of hardship where their mentors should be willing to pull them through into victory through prayer, patience and love. Prayer will thrust men and women into the high places. – I truly believe that this is one of the main things that God is telling me today.

Once again, let me share an excerpt from the book The Reformer’s Pledge:

I read in a Guidepost magazine of a Canadian university professor who reached out to a student from India named Bacht Singh. The young student went back to India. Fifty years later, a missionary couple visited the now-old professor. he asked them if, in all their years in India, they had ever heard a man named Bacht Singh. They said, “Why, Bacht Singh is one of the great church planters in India.” The professor responded, “I have been praying for him every day for 50 years.” A week later the old man died. Oh what a legacy of prayer! – Chapter on Creating a Culture of Life, The Reformer’s Pledge

A prayer movement is not about vague prayers. It is an assertion of power and authority to pull souls out of wrong paths to bring them into the light, and a path that leads to Kingdom authority with Christ. I am deeply concerned about who among us who are aware of the enemy’s schemes, who among us who are free, are taking the responsibility to take accountability for souls to be snatched from the enemy’s deceptive schemes. I am deeply concerned that so many of them are clueless and many of us are prayerless. Such a troubling reality! Many of them are already Christians too!

Gates of influence have opened wide in front of me. If I were to organize a new ministry, it will be supported. If I want something bigger, I think it will be supported to. I could practically do almost anything I want as long as I can justify it with well. The Church has a lot of ready programs. I could just grab several of them and get on with the planning and implementation. But programs are only as good as the Word that spoke them into existence. I don’t need a church program. I wish to see souls turning to Christ, and newborns getting discipled. I need to pray.

I am perplexed. It is not a funny thing to contend at night with spirits that wake you up. First week into this job, God spoke to me to contend against witchcraft. How does one respond to that? He said that He loves his children and that He wants to pull them out of darkness. Will I love them too? It breaks my heart that I am only one and there are so many of them. And they don’t just need our words. They need our prayers. They need to see the power of God work and set them free from insomnia. They need to hear God’s truths delivered in power and anointing. They don’t need our opinions. They need God.

I am convinced that the call to father a generation starts with prayer. Intentional, focused, love-fired prayer. The kind that mothers pray for their sons. The kind that fathers pray for his teenagers. Then let the teachers teach, let the healers heal, let the preachers preach. But let those who want to father a child learn to pray his child into God’s presence.


8 thoughts on “Let the Fathers Pray

    1. Rhema! Our hearts are really connected! ❤ Thank you too for the times we contended together. The need for grace couldn't be overemphasized. I felt like a mess when I first entered here. It is only by grace that I'm still standing. Whew.


  1. I like this, Riz. A very sobering, powerful and strong post about prayer and speaking the truth. Yes, I agree with you that some Christians have not been told the truth about the occult and Harry Potter. We must {must} speak the truth in love. As Happy and Sheryll called it in FB in one post: the inconvenience of truth but the necessity of truth.


    1. thanks tzi. yes yes, that’s something i also have in mind when i was writing this. and mainly just agreeing with what Lou Engle said in The Reformer’s Pledge (which is a compilation) in connection to what God is saying to me and what I’ve been experiencing here where I work. 🙂


  2. “Prayer will thrust men and women into the high places.” — Chapter on Creating a Culture of Life, The Reformer’s Pledge — I like this quote, Riz. Where did you buy the book?


    1. It was a favor from Kuya Geof when he returned from the US. Grabe kc atzi, God is teaching me so much. Exposing my wrong motives and all. I can check OMF if they have this book (compiled by Che Ahn) but if they don’t, I can lend you my copy. 🙂


      1. Oh, cge I’ll check that at OMF. If wala, I’ll take you up on that offer. The book sounds interesting! Thanks, Riz. I enjoy reading your posts about how God is working through and in you in your workplace.:)


      2. Oh wow. Good to hear it’s got positive impact on others. It’s nice ba to feel that the fruits of my experiences are somewhat multiplied because others are getting something from them too. Hehe. Ya, let’s ask OMF. I can also check PCBS when I pass by. 🙂


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