Wake Up Campuses.

I am so thankful that two of the high school students under our Pisay BS group made it to the JREV Campus Awakening solemn assembly last Wednesday, November 30 at the PLM Grounds. My co-leader who’s a UP Junior student also went and was able to bring another schoolmate of hers. All four of us fasted from the time we reached the whole-day gathering at around 11am. It ended past 6pm. It was a powerful and very meaningful day for us, especially that we’re all either still students or involved in campus ministry. In my co-leader’s case, she is both. One of the two high school girls, on the other hand, is a leader in her school’s Christian organization.

Honestly, I came without any expectation. I just came to receive whatever God would give to me that day. I also came to accompany my friends. I have been on leave from church and JREV ministry work/leadership for like a month already. My colds has been persisting the past month. My mild fever, on and off. There were entire weeks when I feel only half well but I would still go to work. For the first time in my life, I knew how it felt to be desperate for healing. But on that day at PLM, it was not that physical healing that God spoke to me about. God refreshed my in my spirit and affirmed once again the vision He’s given me for campuses, for unity and for radical Christianity. It is a blessing to no longer be burning for this on my own. My co-leader had just finished reading the book I gave her – The Blueprint. And she is on fire. She caught the vision. And we both want to do more. See more. And we have every intention of passing it on to the younger ones.


Photos Credits: Rommel Ablas

We were like chicken being roasted in the morning. Come afternoon, while reciting the CA pledge, “We will wet the ground with our tears until God rains revival…,” rain suddenly fell!

“Kapit-bisig for Church Unity.” Do you know that the bible says that when we (the Church) are one, the world will see God’s glory? (See Jesus’ prayer in John) It’s time to step out of the comfort of working within the confines of our local church. Let’s interconnect and sharpen each other like iron sharpens iron.


A fraction of our cell group in Pisay w/ me and my co-leader.


Have you heard of the Jesus People Movement of the 70’s? It’s a radical group of literal JESUS FREAKS who worship on the streets and who preach outside the four walls of the church. We are believing for a double portion movement in our day.


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