Corporate Desperation

I miss corporate desperation. I have met very few who are willing to sell their dignity in exchange for more of God. I have met very few who are more than willing to risk it all. Who are willing to sacrifice. I am not just talking about falling face down on the ground and soiling your face during a worship meeting. I mean, I have seen very few who esteem God’s presence more than sleep, rest, convenience, high grades, a good job, reputation, money, food, and more than anything, that grueling task of having to wait, until… without complaining, without the whining, the shrinking back, regretting, bargaining… but with expectation, and a humble reverence for God’s wisdom, in we give it to His pleasure to choose when to come. Our love’s expression is to wait humbly, with fervent desire and anticipation.

I have met very few. And after 10 years of waiting, I am still hoping to see more of them arise. Will you be one of them?

Will you work for a Jesus Revolution?

photo via Fire School of Ministry

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