more green

I almost splurged most of my half-month pay today at gateway mall. i tell you, it wasn’t a very good idea to leave me idle for about an hour. (my dad had a meeting and i had nothing left to do but window shop while waiting for them.) i ended up buying a pair of green pabder (really comfy) leather shoes that were on sale (P1,500). i also almost bought a green celine’s casual hand bag, which was also on sale at P1,299. But… they don’t match the new shoes and it felt somewhat impractical to buy a bag that’s not in a neutral color. (I’m not exactly miss fashionista who has an array of wardrobes to choose from. I usually stick to the basics of white, beige, grey, brown, and white.) But thank you God for the new pair of shoes even though they’re not beige! (I really need a pair of brown or beige office shoes!) Hopefully, they’d match my green blazer. 😛



But then again, i just might get that bag if it tempts me again next week. That is, if it’s still there. So help me God!

P.S. Please don’t try to compute h0w much I’m earning per month. Obviously it’s not luxurious. LOL.


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