To begin to describe the GRACE of God at work in a person who is in need of restoration, I could not find the right words as of the moment.

There are different seasons in a Christian’s life. By different I mean that two seasons can be so in contrast and the opposite of the other. And we cannot really choose which season to be in. We can only do our best to blossom in the way that season would allow us to.

However, no matter how high or how low the place our season has thrust us into, we cannot “pause” the passing of time, nor the pain or laughter. We can only, at best, be grateful for everything. And walk, the steadiest and best we can according to the grace that is being poured out.

Even those in restoration, going through healing, in pain – can bring restoration, healing and comfort to others. Perhaps not in the same manner a fully functioning physician would, but nevertheless, there still is glory when there is much grace.

I thank God for his Grace.

Thank you Lord for all all those who prayed for our students’ retreat last Oct.21-23, 2011. God’s move was a many prayers and tears heard. It was a surprise for me. It caught me off guard. That God answered without a hint of anticipation on my part.

Thanks to all our speakers, intercessors and cheerers. God is joyful and pleased by your part.



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