jakarta countdown :)

Eight nights more (including tonight and the night we spend at the airport and plane), and i’ll be waking up to Jakarta, three years since last I was there for the Ring of Fire Convergence. 🙂

But before that, must face this week with diligence. Should not miss the opportunities and responsibilities life hurls at us! Thus, my list of TO DO’s 😉

Task – Deadline << this looks pretty much like the activity list I submit to my boss haha!

1. Pack for Jakarta (Start tonight) – Wednesday AM
Make sure I have enough clean clothes to bring!

2. Buy gifts for my friends in Indonesia – Sunday

3. Buy flats for Jakarta – Sunday

>Sunday: JREV Intercession, JREV Night, Jakarta E21 Orientation<

4. Close my PS Bank account and open a BDO account – Monday

5. Iron clothes to wear for the week – Monday AM

6. Find out if I’m leading worship on Wednesday – Monday

>Wednesday AM: Dawn Watch, Night: Worship Intercession<

7. Prepare my teaching for Saturday (start tonight, Sat) – Thursday AM

>Thursday: Soaking night at workplace ’til 12mn<

8. Pack for the retreat – Friday AM

9. Get a pedicure (try Sunday) – Friday AM

10. Get a haircut (try Sunday) – Friday AM

>Friday: Brunch with Jane<

>Saturday: Go to Tagaytay for students’ retreat, help facilitate, speak on evening session<

>Sunday AM: Go back to Manila, Go to airport for Jakarta flight<

>Attend Empowered 21 Asia Conference! Wooohooo!<

Am I excited? Oh yes! Big time! So excited that I’m thinking I might wish not to go back here when it’s time to leave Jakarta. Am I dazed? Big time too! Because aside from the errands, I still need to accomplish a handful of stuff at work, but they’re such a hassle because my proposed event has not yet been approved. It’s supposed to happen a week after I report back for work. How am I going to prepare for it while I’m still here? Faint.

But life goes on ya!


One thought on “jakarta countdown :)

  1. Excited on what the Lord will do there too…I haven’t known what it is to be in an international convergence since I have never been in a JRev convergence, ever yet! Waw waw! >_<


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