d past 19 hours

God woke me up at 3:45am. Well, no it was my Blackberry. (Yes, feel na feel ang bagong bb) The alarm was wonderfully loud so I was out of bed in no time. It did feel like a miracle. I believe it was.

It was my first time to lead worship with a band and microphone. Fruit of my deliverance from shame and self-consciousness. Proof that God transforms beings into states humanly impossible to reach. I am so blessed that God delights in using the foolish things of this world, yours truly!

After leading though, I was yawning uncontrollably the whole sermon. I knew it was going to be another long daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I kept asking God for and declaring “strength upon strength” for myself.

Hours later in mid afternoon, it was almost impossible to keep my eyes awake until came a sudden burst of energy. It is definitely the strength I had been declaring for. It finally came with vengeance!

Came afternoon cell group with high school girls. It was awesome sharing about turning Hell Week into Grace and Faith Week. Then I was off to Marikina (Thank God my Dad is committed to driving for me!). I napped on the road and felt like it will be difficult to recover. But guess what? We had the most powerful intercession time. I got so refreshed that instead of slumping to bed after arriving home, I was still able to manage writing  a blog. Hurray!


Declarations really do work! And faith not based on what we see, but based on faith! So read scripture and declare more more more!

It is really a fulfilling task to usher people into God’s presence.

Intercession is really what fulfills me deep inside. It was understatedly a blessing to be with co-intercessors who are passionate about praying. Anything other than ‘all out, poured out, whole hearted, unhindered, prophetic intercession,’ feels lacking… bitin ba. But to have prayed this hard because of the spirit and anointing, makes me feel complete. Coz that’s something God ingrained in me.

So what are you called to do? Get past all obstacles and just do it! No excuses. Just be desperate enough to DO everything you can and can’t to get there. Don’t waste time. Just GO!

Yun talaga. His glory be upon us. 🙂


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