good = satisfies

why would God allow us to read about miracles and then leave us desiring, as if our appetites have been whet and left unsatisfied? would a loving god entice someone with the intention of leaving him to his cravings, without hope of his stomach’s grumbling being stilled?

is this the god we believe in? a god who shows you good things only to disappoint you that it cannot be realized?

what kind of god would do such a thing? it is certainly not the god that i know.

my God, is the god who gives dreams because he will fulfill them. who whets my appetite for great and impossible things because he will supply them. to think otherwise, to think that God does not fulfill desires, is to believe that he is less than what the Scriptures says, that he is good.

He is good. and sometimes, that is really all we need to believe.


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