The Fool And The Unexpected

“God uses the foolish things of this world.”

I learned this verse from Happy, a friend I met when I was in college. I would often hear her use the verse to describe how good God is for giving her the privilege to be used by Him.

Today, I feel like a wonderful fool.

I have been praying to start a prayer meeting (how funny does praying to have prayer sound to you? hihi…) amongst our dormitory’s tenants. I’ve made friends with a few Christian dormers but I have never popped up the question, “Could we guys meet just to pray?”

Tonight, God just made a way. I mean, I could just see that He figured already that I really need some assistance so He provided the opportunity until I found myself asking the question. Then I followed it with, “When can we meet for prayer?” Then one of them said, “Why not now?”

I confess. I admit. I move too slow. I delay things that I have to do because I sometimes feel shy or doubtful or lazy even…

But God, He responds to this prayer, “So help me God.”

We had our first prayer meeting tonight. It was totally unexpected. Divinely appointed. God initiated. It’s like my job being done for me by someone. And I’m just watching and saying, “I’m all too foolish for the job. But God uses me nonetheless. He makes a way for me to succeed.”


3 thoughts on “The Fool And The Unexpected

  1. the scenario was that one of them wanted to suggest an activity so we had a small meeting in my office and before our meeting ended, i got the chance to bring up the need to start regular prayer in the dorm. gee Lord. i wanna laugh at how spoiled i could get that even the easy things, You’re still doing them for me.


  2. hehe i feel this way but it’s more about hesitant to invite my co-teachers for a bible study ‘coz i felt like i was inadequate.hehe i’m enjoying reading your testimonies, Riz. so refreshing.


    1. thanks atz! honestly, i’m also encouraged by your comments ‘coz despite all the blessings from God, my emotions still go up(!) and down(!). Roller coaster. woohooo! I just try to make the most out of the good times by writing them to keep me sane. Hahaha. 😉


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