Dream: 3 Leaders and A Buffet

Last night, I dreamed of three people whom I can consider leaders.

In the dream, I was surprised to see Lou Engle. I was in a room with what seems like a dining table or conference table. It might be the VIP room in one of those bigger events that JREV holds. Then Lou appears and he was talking. He was talking about the newly bought polo shirt he’s wearing and how some of the buttons don’t seem to match the rest (or something to that effect). His tone was strong and persuasive. The person who was supposed to be listening and attending to him was not responding. To our surprise, the guy was already leaning sideways on long seat, as if he had fallen asleep. Then Lou begins to speak strongly a word that’s bordering on rebuke. Something that has to do with our attitude towards stewarding the Gospel message.

Then the few of us inside the room were asked to find a parter or to group into small groups of around 3. Then each one of us was supposed to think of an acronym like – ITALY, “I trust and love you.” I couldn’t think of any while the rest of those in the room were already speaking examples to their partners. I was embarrassed to not have a partner either. The only acronym that kept coming to me was ITALY and at first I had a hard time remembering what it meant. Then finally figured it out but I was concerned that it was already the same example given.

Then they seemed to have started video recording a scene in a story. Pastor Erich was part of it and seeing him look at me, I felt embarrassed again to be there so I stepped out.

Outside was a huge outdoor area of stone or pebble patio or balcony. I went to an extravagant buffet table to get food. I was excited at the privilege of being part of the buffet. Then my Dad came to the same buffet table and uncovers to me a certain dish (looked like a delicious Asian salad) and begins to tell me how to correctly get portions and serve that kind of dish because it was something new to us but very special. He was getting portions for two people whom he was serving, people that seemed to VIP’s in the event.

After my Dad scooped 4 ladels-full of the salad, I suddenly woke up from my dream! (How I wanted to eat from the buffet but unfortunately, I woke up already!)


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