little, new things I did yesterday

new things I did yesterday:
1. first time to raise money for kids with lukemia, or to raise money within just a day for that matter. with my dad’s help, raised 11,000+ via text messages alone (while both of us are in our respective offices working)! praise the Lord!
2. first time to watch our inter-office basketball game, and first time to watch an inter-office basketball game for that matter!
3. first time to cheer with the snare drum in my hands. (and somewhat lead in shouting cheers for the basketball match) 😉
4. first time to sleep in our dormitel (an upgraded version of our dorm rooms). i wish i could sleep there more often. haha!
5. first time to have a close encounter with lou engle in my dream. (man! i thought he was in the Philippines for real until i woke up!)

photos later…! 🙂


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