“What does it take for Your Kingdom to break forth?” God’s reply was, “Go lower still…” – How To Let God Shatter Your Boxes, Heidi Baker > Download Here

I didn’t go to work today. I was half sick but apparently sick enough to not be able to perform properly. So I took a leave. I tried so hard to fall asleep but I just could not. I guess my body was not the only part of me that’s sick, my mind was restless and so was my spirit.

I read (the Word), worshipped, then looked for good ‘ol sermons to listen to. God’s pretty consistent when He speaks. You ever notice that? Listened to two sermons today. Both brought me to tears. But the second one wrecked me more. Click on the download link above to listen.

What is God saying to you today? I’m still not ready to summarize what He’s been telling me but I just wanna share some quotes that He’s used to speak to me the past days. Maybe you can help me pull together something…:

“It is almost always the people from the last move of God who reject what God is doing in the next. To them, it is unthinkable that God would do something without them at the center.”  (The Reformer’s Pledge)

“Getting over hurdles of offense is often the prerequisite to entering Kingdom realities. Our minds must be offended to reveal our hearts… All Kingdom issues are heart issues.” (The Reformer’s Pledge)

“We are to become as children to enter maturity.” (The Reformer’s Pledge)

“You’ve got to be little for Him to do something powerful through you.” (Heidi Baker)

“Oh please don’t grow up and be somebody important. Stay little and stay in the heart of Jesus and just let Him just love on you.” (Heidi Baker)

“There are some of you who are more anointed and will see hundreds of thousands saved and some of you will only see ten. But it’s all God’s plan… God loves each one of you desperately (though) you’re totally different.”


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