missions-related projects…

Aside from my full time job and some ministry work, there are two other things I am interested in right now. One would be the t-shirt advocacy that my friend and I are hoping to launch in the near future. We want to create shirts that make a statement and that will help bring in finances and support for mission work and other Kingdom work. It’s moving rather slow right now. But the latest development would be a draft for our first design that our graphic artist sent us this week. It’s still a long way because the typography isn’t there yet! But here’s a peek at our first missions shirt in the making:

Please pray for this dream, that it would soon bloom and prosper.

The other thing that is on my mind would be a bigger business that has to do with training people for the fastest-growing industry today in the Philippines and India. But what’s unique about this business is that at it’s heart will be missions. So I’m still praying. Although God led me to take the first step this week. But I’m praying for more courage to really go for it. 🙂


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