So What?

We see them again, after they’ve graduated and gone to have a good job. We hear about their old friends who remained their friends. We hear about new things happening, and old things staying the same. We hear about their beliefs and ambition – what they consider worth pursuing. We feel good that they’ve come to be successful in worldly standards. Or at least they have a good paying job in a known company. What appalls me the most is the fact that we are satisfied that they have slipped us by – after four years perhaps, of “hi’s” and “hello’s.” Four years of chit chats and laughter. Four years of smiles and pats on the back. But never once, a bold moment when we looked them in the eye and told them the truth that saves.

So what if they become rich? So what if they become famous? So what if the grow up to be a decent citizen or a conscientious leader? So what if they dance on this world’s stage? What is the point of life if we let death snatch it without a fight?

One of my fears is this selfishness. How I missed those extended opportunities because I kept to myself what the world’s meant to hear.


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