anonymous prayers

I almost photocopied one of the prayer request forms we got form one of our tenants. Sadly, after my workmate took it to pray for the request, we couldn’t find it anymore. Let me try to rephrase what was written on the tiny white sheet:

peace of mind for each second, happiness in life…

and, one other prayer, which I forgot.

Another one seemed to be from one of the parents because it read:

maturity for <name>

We also have a regular request which always starts with:

1. my spiritual vocation

The last one makes us think that he wants to become a priest.


But the one that struck me most this week was the first one. I could not bring myself to remember the exact prayers that were written but the three-point list gave me the impression that the person badly needs a taste of sanity, joy and peace – a rarity in a life without Jesus as Lord.

Every time I come to God and cast my burdens to Him, I find peace. No matter how huge or heavy the burden is. Oftentimes, I take this blessing for granted. Most of the time, I keep this privilege to myself. I forget to share Christ with others. Especially to people like the ones who made that prayer – “peace of mind for every second…”

Peace of mind…

When the students pass by in front of our office (which is near the dormitory’s main entrance/exit), I am often so busy rushing plans for my activities and events. It is not easy to multitask planning together with thinking of others’ concerns or needs. One always pushes you to rush things while the other challenges you to slow down, think, feel, pray, reach out.

One month into this job and I still feel overwhelmed. One year later, I probably would still be. How does one care for 300 when one can hardly look one in the eye? Oh by grace, I’m learning to take things in.


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