in the quiet, secret, swimming place…




I… started swimming again, this time at a condo near my workplace. I have the pool all to myself (because apparently nobody else likes to swim?) It’s on the 21st floor and the view of the city from high up is relaxing and refreshing. Then came a thought. *Ting!* This place is perfect  for prayer and Bible study! What a blessing! 🙂

So the next time I go for a swim, I can come earlier with with my Bible, journal and a cup of coffee. Take some time to get energized spiritually. And then get energized physically. Ho ho! I’m so excited! 🙂




4 thoughts on “in the quiet, secret, swimming place…

    1. True that! My anxieties get swept away when I stand near the wall and gaze at the city. It’s on the 21st floor. 🙂 Praise God talaga but I haven’t tried praying/reading there yet. Always in a rush when I swim. But I’ve pledged to do it next time already. Haha.


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