recognition day

Recognition Day.

What comes to mind when you hear the words “recognition day”? Is it graduation? Men and women wearing toga climbing up the stage to receive their diplomas? Or perhaps students receiving medals and awards? The day to be recognized for their excellence in school?

A thought is brushing gently to and fro, on and off my mind. Could it be that certain answers to prayers have already come but failed to alert my sense of recognition? Or could they be blatantly in front of me, a bewildering incarnation of a once mental checklist of “should be’s” that is now just too real and exact for me to accept as reality? Am I afraid of seeing dreams come true that I try to convince myself that there is a catch behind what seems to be an “answered prayer”?

Sometimes, the package comes unexpectedly in wrappings of disguise. Sometimes, we need to grab our old prayer list to show us how this vision and our past prayers match. Sometimes, they’re right in front of you and me, and we can’t believe our eyes. Sometimes, we run away because we think we don’t deserve this much.

Sometimes, all we’re really waiting for is that recognition day. Uhm, not that day at the end of something when we receive a medal for being awesome. But that day when we realize we’re already at the end of that rainbow and life’s goodness is not dependent on how well we fared (in school and what-you-have), but how awesomely faithful our God is.

He is good. Let us recognize our blessings and thank Him for them. 🙂


I am moving my blog updating schedule to Sunday because sometimes work spills over during Saturdays. Would you believe that my company had me attend a 6:30am to 6:30pm seminar from Wednesday to Saturday? Faint*



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