hear ye! hear ye! my company has required me to go through a 4-day seminar, most of which is focused on dealing w/ generational curses and other influences that we need ‘deliverance’ from. i’m going through something like this for the fifth time! oh yeah, the whole thing. hahaha! happy birthday to me!

but i’m also in a season wherein i am in so much need of a fresh touch from God. not so much the power-blaster kind of presence but the real intimate moments of going deeper into God’s heart. i’m praying, hoping, declaring by faith that God will meet me! come Holy Spirit! i don’t know how but i just need You here.

my heart still burns for souls. there are nights (or daytimes) when i weep. i weep and groan with birth pangs perceiving the entry of God-inscribed names into His loving embrace. a season of “finally’s” where our dreams and visions of seeking youths finally bursts into actuality — finding us proclaiming the Truth and themselves finally falling in love with the right man, our Bridegroom Jesus.

but before that, let me fall in love again with my Savior.

fall in love. please pray for me.

blessings of intimacy to all of us who are ‘waiting’ on the Lord.


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