Awake My Soul

You’re the one that I think of
When I wake up
With my first breath
I’d reach for You
What are You thinking?
Are you breathing my smile?
What are You speaking?
Are You whispering close by?

One thing I ask of life
That we’d be inseparable
Life’s but senselessness
Apart from You
Your eyes and heart they burn
Will You set me on fire?
Your love has shattered death
Wake me up to life

Awaken me with the sound of Your voice
Awaken me with Your word of life
Awaken me with Your affection
Awaken me… awake, awake my soul

Awaken me with the fire in your eyes
Awaken me with the dream that changes lives
Awaken me with Your compassion
Awaken me… awake, awake my soul

One Wednesday morning while trying to rest because I’m feeling sick, I ended up writing this seemingly incoherent song. (Yeah something about the melody/arrangement and lyrics is incoherent. Hehe.) But it’s from the heart and that’s what counts right? 🙂
(Exclusive) video to follow. Sorry I’m too shy to post it publicly so for close friends only… 😛


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