power pack: in the absence of a power nap, try the promise packet

Two things about myself:

My temperament is not friendly towards structures and 8-5 work environments.
I start to get easily tired and restless when separated from my hobbies – writing poetry, playing music and engaging in sport.

Two things about my new job:

I work 8 hours a day on mid-shift, 6 days a week. (Yup, just one off day.)
When I get home, I’m usually too tired and uninspired to write or play music. There’s no more time for sports either.

Two things about today:

I woke up praying, “God I haven’t rested yet from last week’s tiredness. Help!”
I’ve been working for 8.5 hours now and I’m barely tired. My God just gave me a miracle!

….So I was listening to worship music this morning. I had lingered in bed for like an hour, hoping my tiredness would melt away. But somehow, an hour more sleep is not the solution. Unlike most days of the week, I wasn’t able to soak in worship today. I practiced playing some songs on my guitar in preparation for tomorrow’s worship-intercessory meeting.

…In the shortness of a day’s devotion, God makes a way right? While getting ready for work, Jason Upton’s “I will wait upon the wind” started playing then I realized that all I need for me to regain strength is God’s wind that will carry me — when I wait on Him. I uttered a short prayer claiming God’s renewed strength for my weary me. A human impossibility but a promise found in His Word. I always wait on Him. I always ask for His strength. It’s time to exercise my faith and receive that promise.

I didn’t feel anything. I reached my office and started working, still feeling tired. I just committed the whole day to God. Then eight hours into my shift, I realized that I haven’t taken any break at all! I’ve worked for eight hours straight, only with occasional restroom and coffee breaks!

I feel strong. I feel energized. I feel favored. God had answered my prayer.

I am a child of favor because I have chosen to believe God’s Word. How many promises of God are waiting for us to seize them? How many complaints could be avoided if we would learn to lay hold of God’s promises for our day to day?

Honestly, I’ve wrestled against feelings of ungratefulness for this job simply because the work schedule for me is tiring. But God keeps on showing me that I am fortunate. (I have friends who work under the rain without lunch breaks due to the immense need in their workplace.) And I have friends who don’t like their job. Or friends who can’t find a job.

I love my work. It has drawn me deeper and nearer to God’s heart so intensely. And today, it is teaching me to go beyond my physical, mental and emotional capacity into the realm of God’s divine provision. So in the absence of a power nap, we’re learning to use the promise packet. It’s power filled. Activated by faith. 🙂

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. – Isaiah 40:31


4 thoughts on “power pack: in the absence of a power nap, try the promise packet

  1. Always believe even though you cannot feel it! Funny I think this is God’s message for me for today it’s been repeated.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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