Stepping In

Some two (but probably more) years ago, I prayed for a certain door to open. I asked to be placed in a specific position of influence. Then I forgot about that specific prayer. Two weeks ago, I accepted a job because God told me to. (I liked the job description a lot, but I had a LOT of hesitations about the work hours and compensation.) After accepting the job, I realized that I had specifically prayed for God to put me inside this company. I had prayed for this level of influence. I had prayed for this. It had not arrived at my doorstep, wrapped the way I expected it to, but when I opened it, it was everything I had prayed for. It is my open door. But now, as I face the challenges of the work that needs to be done, I realize that it’s OVERWHELMING.

But I’m in! And I know, it’s just a matter of faithfulness to what I have been given, before God opens the next door. I honestly do not know if I’m doing this right. Sometimes I just want to scream at myself, “How did I get here??? But now that I’m here, what the heck am I supposed to do???”

It’s funny. It’s funny how I’ve landed on my mission field without knowing the battle plan. I feel so foolish. But then perhaps I really do know the first step that will uncover the rest of the steps.



7 thoughts on “Stepping In

    1. that’s true indeed. and there are also times when we need to initiate and pioneer… or even exceed our company’s expectations. thanks for dropping by again.


  1. that is also liken into going on a battle without the the weapon needed! but with the LORD for sure you already have been equiped before you landed on your mission, only you have got to know where the LORD place the thing that you need and surely communication is good!!!


    1. hi! thanks for the comment!

      yes, i do believe God has prepared me for this. Actually, I was supposed to start working there last year but something came up and now the door opened again. I agree, I just have to be still before God and remember his instructions! thanks again! 🙂


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