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my regular blog updating schedule & your topic request privilege

blog updates
Because the frequency by which I have been updating my blog has become highly erratic and very random (especially lately), I’ve decided to follow a regular schedule for updating it for your sakes. Starting today, new entries will be posted every Saturday, probably in the evening. This is to make it easier for my regular readers know when is the best time to check for posts.

I’m also opening my blog to topic requests from readers. If you would like me to write on a particular topic – hopefully one that is related to or not a far cry from the usual topics in this blog – simply leave a comment on this page or my Guestbook. You may also tweet me or email me. Please be nice enough not to request topics related to Accounting and Finance. Or stuff that you already know that I can’t write about.

Thanks everyone! ❤ Riz



broken. humbled. a life that's ruined for a cause. a jesus revolutionary.

4 thoughts on “my regular blog updating schedule & your topic request privilege

  1. That’s great, Riz! Thanks for the update! Just keep on writing what’s in your heart. I’m sure your readers would rather wish to know more what’s deep within your soul. 🙂


      1. Yup…one week feels like three months…one months feels like one year hehe…let’s catch up with each other soon. God bless! 🙂


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