Day-to-day Faith

I’ve had a lot of answered prayers lately. Aaaaaah… simple ones. But I wanted to save the list until I’m able to share it with the corresponding photos (the proofs!). I have not been able to get all the photos ready until now though. So let’s go ahead with the list together with some key lessons I learned. All can be summed up in one word though: Faith!

This is simple faith in action. (Forgive me for my exceedingly long intros.)

One. I’ve been desiring for our prayer room to have a keyboard. I even asked my friend Weena one time to bring her’s. Then one day, God suddenly made me realize, “You keep desiring but you never asked me for it.” Eeep. “You know what God? May tama ka!”

So I asked! God, thank you for the keyboard! I don’t know how it will happen but thank You!

Around two weeks later, a kuya of ours in the JREV prayer team volunteered to donate his keyboard to be used by JREV! Wooohooo. Two weeks Lord? Just two weeks!? He had no idea about my prayer. But the thing is, I’ve been praying it “unofficially” for so long!

Lesson no. 1? Don’t just wish! ASK!

Two. I’ve been wanting to have muffin pans so I can bake muffins. (Obvious reason huh?) I don’t have the money to buy them. They’re all expensive (at least before because just this morning, I found affordable ones in SM. But they didn’t use to be brands for sale that affordable.) I prayed for them but they didn’t come. I didn’t give God a deadline so I kept wondering when they will finally come!!! Until one day while I was salivating over some expensive muffin pans at Gourdo’s, I prayed again. Then I realized, “Wait a minute! I’ve been praying this same prayer over and over without any result! It’s so easy for God to send the answer. I should know better and ask with stronger resolve of receiving a response!

And so I prayed something like, “Dear God, send the now please! Thank you, I’m expecting them in the coming days.”

And yes, it did arrive. Days or a few weeks later. I forgot. All I could remember was it came quickly. Second-hand pans from my aunt!

So yeah, tell God “when” you want it and expect Him to send it!








Three. This afternoon, I thought of getting that long-forgotten haircut. I was really disappointed by my last two haircuts. I paid decent amounts to two different reputable salons but they just didn’t seem to know how to cut hair! I mean… Ooops, I guess I should rant somewhere else. But my point is, I don’t know where to get an affordable haircut without getting disappointed.

I was choosing between two salons. One was expensive. The other was more affordable. I prayed, and then God gave me wisdom. See, I don’t have much money. It makes sense to go to the affordable one because an expensive haircut is not exactly a necessity. My faith exercise for the day, I realized, was not for more money but for me to believe that He is able to give me a great haircut even with the less prestigious salon. Makes a lot of sense to me! So I prayed while walking. God is able!

It turned out that, as always, God is faithful. In good times and bad times, He remains true to His word that He is good. Hahaha! All I can say is, “I love you ateeeeh sa Freshaire Salon! Kuha mo talaga!” Salamat naman at hindi na makalat ang bangs ko… 😉

I know the photo doesn’t look much but just trust me when I say maayos yung gupit ni ate. And for Php 140, pwede talaga!

So lesson no. 3 is: Apply faith on what God said, not what you think God said. There may be different ways to receive the promise from God, but there is a specific way that God wants to answer our prayers. We gotta apply faith for the path chosen by God and not limit ourselves in what we think could or should be the way God would answer our prayer.

There’s actually more answered prayers all over this season but that’s all for now doubtproof.


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