Calling the Campuses in Metro Manila


Before Jul-2, I attended a conference weeks back: End Time Harvesters Bootcamp. It’s not your usual conference because it has a strong, serious agenda: get the youth moving — praying and preaching the Gospel for a massive end-time harvest. And it literally envisioned all its participants, especially the students, starting something in their campuses right after the conference. It’s not merely suggestive. It’s really determined to see this through. Why I am so sure about this? Well, it’s because of last Saturday’s meeting.

A follow up gathering had been called up for youth coordinators in the city. I tagged along. And there I learned that after the ‘bootcamp,’ there have been follow up gatherings amongst some university students already. From different churches and campuses, they’re praying together for their schools. This is not about one organization praying. These are kids from different orgs or churches. They’re synergizing in unity.

One of them testified. Her name is Danna. It’s quite a long write but it’s worth it. I hope you stay with me….

Danna’s a fifth year Architecture student in the nation’s state university. This was not her original course. She had shifted just years ago in obedience to a clear direction given by God. Now her graduation’s delayed but she’s beginning to understand the reason for that painful step.

After bootcamp, she was on fire with a desire to do something more than their usual “Christian organization activities.” She didn’t know how to start. She was not exactly the extroverted type. But lo and behold, on enrollment day, two girls approached her and said something like, “Ate, you were there at the End-time Harvesters Bootcamp right?” The day after that, they met for prayer. Wow, that was fast…

On one of their prayer times, one of the girls with them received the impression that God was covering them. When they opened their eyes after prayer, they realized that the ground around them was wet. But right at the spot where they were praying, it was dry. It had rained and they remained untouched by the rain. They only felt the breeze while their eyes were closed the whole time. This gives me goosebumps…

They now pray once a week and meet for fellowship another day in the same week. Danna realized that God had kept her there for a strategic purpose.

Prayer in campuses is not really unusual. But these kids are out there to take the campus. And they pray like life depends on that single moment.

Now, going back to the meeting last Saturday. Danna testified during that meeting. A vision for initiating united prayer for the campuses was also casted. A Facebook page had been made. And the database of the bootcamp conference participants had been sorted per campus name. I copied the names and contact numbers of those from my alma mater. An answered prayer for me. 😉

I was impressed. There will be more meetings to come. Serious mobilizers must be marked by the willingness to the dirty work. We’re not here to just spark something. We’re here to see it through. We’re all volunteers. We’re not earning anything from this! We have our own ministries and yes, we’re all busy! But we’re taking the time to do God’s unction at this hour.

There is a call to mobilize all who are willing to lay down their differences in prayer and conquest. In pursuit of God’s bigger agenda. Something bigger than a single (local) church’s vision. God’s plan is bigger than what we can handle from our little (or big) ministry boats. There has got to be a united assault. For the much prophesied astounding revival to come. We must be humble. We must be hungry.

I love that this time I am really seeing people begin to pay the price. I love that there were three different groups uniting for the first time in this agenda. I love that we’re not perfect but we’re learning to get bigger things done, TOGETHER. 🙂


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