one of those meetings…

We had dinner tonight with a friend I met via multiply. Well, it was actually a crazy, funny story how it ended up this way. He came across the Ako ay Pilipino Book via its Multiply site, a serendipitous moment during the time when he had questions about his identity  and he was also writing his thesis, which is about Filipino diaspora… He wanted to purchase a copy of the book but he was in Arizona. By another serendipitous moment – Kuya David and Ate Lorna were flying to Arizona in a few days – he was able to get his book, learn about the vision of Ako ay Pilipino (AAP), and share it with his church by inviting the vision holder themselves. And so fast forward to today, more than a year from then, a few of us from the AAP team met up with him.

It was also crazy how God set up the team for AAP. When Ate Lorna shared the vision with me, I said ‘yes’ on the spot. Right away I recruited volunteers. One of my contacts said ‘yes’ right away after reading a single text message from me. She’s in Nueva Ecija and we’re not really sure at that time if we’ve met in person. All I know is that she also loves the Lord and has a vision for our nation, the Philippines. More volunteers signed up. And this particular first recruit even turned down a job interview to continue working full time for AAP without any salary. And this was not an easy task. It had a hilarious goal and impossible deadline. But yes, He is Jehovah Jireh. God Provider. This girl is a very good friend of mine now.

So I traveled a long way for this meeting with the dude from Arizona whom we met via Multiply. (By the way, last month, I met up in Cambodia with a girl from Denmark whom I met on twitter.) More than halfway through my trip, I was already hungry but by the time I got there, I no longer have any appetite. It was also weird that I didn’t take a photo of my food. And that I didn’t even check if there’s free wifi in the area. On my way home, I hardly felt that I was traveling a long way – unlike all the other times when I go to Makati.

There were four of us there. The rest of the team did not make it. We talked about Filipino identity, the search for it, how it is connected to ones Christian walk, Filipino tribes, redeeming the culture, The Blueprint, campus church plants, God’s destiny for the Philippines… What God is doing here in the Philippines… What God is doing in America…

Another weird thing was that I didn’t even have the urge to text my friends on my way home even though my globe phone is on unli. I’m still trying to figure out what happened, why God allowed the meeting, why there seems to be an important connection that is being forged. I’ve met so many people this year and last year, and last-last year, and many of them seem to hold a key influence in one or more of the things that God has called me to do. And all of them seem to either have a heart for missions, campuses or 24-7 prayer, or all of the above. This person, I believe, must be one of them. It’s like the world is shrinking whenever God connects us with people who are not in our usual circle of friends. And you know that it’s for a purpose. It’s there, waiting to be revealed. It will be, the moment God unleashes His plans. This season, we anticipate way greater things. It’s just crazy how life gets crazier every year.

Only three girls from the AAP team was able to make it! But 'twas a great meeting! 🙂

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