things i love about my dgte trip

Dawn Worship and Prayer

Gle (my friend in Dgte) and I and 30-40 others came while it was still dark. 4.30am. Once the worship started, silence would shatter like an exploding glass. Nobody cared how loud we sounded at 4.30. In fact, the louder the better. The Praise. The Worship. And the presence. The presence wrecks you. God’s presence and the presence of hungry hearts. I felt it. I wouldn’t trade it with my crazy worship times alone. When you feel hunger in the air, it tears up something inside of you. When it is revealed to you that you are not the only one gasping for a drop, a drizzle, an outpour… of love, revelation and glory. When suddenly, pain is not meant to be carried alone, and darkness need not be silent. Rather, it bursts with songs of worship.

Coffee Shops

I wasn’t able to visit many. I was after tipid meals. But compared to Zamboanga, there are a lot of affordable wifi cafes here where you can hang out. But KRI Restaurant, Kuya Greg’s (another friend in Dgte) favorite, might just be a worthy of recognition. If you love unique shake flavors, excellent coffee, and reliable and free wifi, right across the side of Siliman campus, look for KRI.

I really really enjoyed my Chocolate of the Day Shake (that tasted like cookies n’ cream)!

I also loved the Spanish Chorizo breakfast at Cafe Mamia’s. 😉

Beaches and Snorkeling

I didn’t expect I’d be snorkeling. But that’s one great surprise. We drove by motorcycle to a Dauin for about 20 minutes and for P50 entrance and P75 snorkeling gear, you get to see Nemo and his more interesting-looking neighbors! Saw blue corals, different kinds of sea plants. I’m sorry but I don’t know what they’re called… 😛 Then we went back just in time for the church prayer meeting where I had been asked to share for 15 minutes.

Small City, Small Budget, Good Food

Everything was five minutes away. The airport was… ten minutes away. From where I live, everything is an hour away. And in Dumaguete, I was able to treat my two friends (plus myself) to dinner for only P150 including drinks. And it was a hearty one. Although I feel like I spent so much more because I kept treating people and I kept contributing for the gas money (for the motorcycle). lol. But heck, P1500 for three days is still cheap right? 🙂 And that’s not cheap food. We had sumptuous meals. My favorite? Sans Rival’s Almond Walnut Cake!!!

Laid Back Atmosphere

It’s true. They say it’s got the anointing for being a ‘place of refuge.’ You’ll feel what I mean when you go there…

Friends Who Are Happy to See Me

I stayed at a friend’s apartment. She’s a student at Siliman. Then there’s Kuya Greg, my friend from JREV. And his wife Ptra. Bernie, who prayed for me before I left. She even released very encouraging prophetic words. Hallelujah! :)) And there’s Cocoi, another friend I met in JREV Kidapawan. And there’s Crystal, who recently started working in Siliman H.S.

For those of you who are planning to visit Dumaguete, here are some of the things worth taking note:

Check it out experience:

Siliman University (SU) and the University Church (one of the -biggest campuses and -oldest Christian institution)
Anthropology Museum inside SU. (P30 for outsiders, P10 for students)
Robinson’s Place Mall (biggest Robinson’s Mall in the Philippines daw)
Puto and Tsokolate (to glaze the puto) at local market (P10 puto, P3 tsokolate)
Take a stroll along the boulevard (bayside) and check out the restos along the street

My babalik-balikan experiences:

Chocolate of the Day Shake or some other shake at KRI Restaurant.
Food at Sans Rival
Snorkeling at Dauin
P20 nail art at market

Must try next time:

Coffee at KRI Resto
Other desserts at Sans Rival
Scuba diving at Dauin beach
And they were saying something like a jewelry or gems shop. Hmmm…

Winning Pasalubong: Sylvannas by Sans Rival

My friends were recommending so many other coffee shops like Cafe Antonio, Cafe Memento, and another one which I forgot. And they say the pizza at Neva’s is good. 🙂

So there, I love Dumaguete already but I don’t think my fast-paced brain and itchy feet can survive living there. Although I loved the chiiiiill mode, towards my third day, I was starting to feel a bit restless. Not that I didn’t want to stay some more. (I stayed only three days.) But something about the laid-back-ness was wrecking my Manila-based body rhythm. Oh well! But yes yes, do take me to the beach anytime darling. Go Dumaguete! Maybe I’ll see you again soon!


2 thoughts on “things i love about my dgte trip

    1. You’re welcome Jiggy! 🙂 There’s actually more to Dgte. Explore niyo rin yung possibilities when you get there 😉 Enjooooy your trip!


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