Place of Refuge

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19

“Your troops will be willing on your day of battle. Arrayed in holy majesty, from the womb of the dawn you will receive the dew of your youth.” Psalm 110:3

I was in the midst of an army this morning. Gathering at 4:30 every morning since 12 days ago were 20+ young people of KKB (JIL’s youth group), non-Silimanians, worshiping inside the Siliman University campus, warring for breakthrough and contending for revival in one of the most strategic Christian universities in the nation. God had given them a mandate to pray for 50 days and to pass the baton to Siliman students and leaders for it to continue. We (my friends from Siliman whom I am visiting) are all in awe, struck utterly grateful for these youth, many of whom are in high school.

Ptra. Bernie who heads the Siliman Church inside the campus, was there this morning and her words still echo in my ears, “God has positioned his remnants in Siliman…. and He has sent us reinforcements.” She was referring to these army of intercessors when she said reinforcements. They are the troops that are willing to keel down, lie prostrate, weep, shout, praise, worship, groan, intercede and contend for God’s inheritance.

I am still in awe. My friend Gle had been praying that God would send her “like -hearted people” or intercessors who also have a burden to press in for God’s destiny for Siliman. But I guess we were not expecting the army to be that big, and for them to come from ‘outside’ the university… It was humbling, encouraging, spirit-stirring, dream-awakening… It’s like God saying, “I have not forgotten you. I have an army. And no no, it is NOT SMALL and WEAK.”

Truly they are MIGHTY. When you hear them praise at 5am while the rest of the city is still yawning or stretching, it’s a revelation of LIFE wrestling for its place in the drought. We’re gonna praise until the dry bones awaken, so to speak. We’re gonna praise ‘coz He’s worthy. We’re gonna praise ‘coz we see the light shinning. We’re gonna praise because we’re a prophetic generation who know God’s Word and Promise.

I have not been in the midst of so many ‘like-hearted’ individuals for a while. I was, last Monday. And then today, with more. But before this week, it has been like… patient waiting. Many times in pain. With eyes blurred by tears. But today, God is breathing on me.

My friend Gle (here) told me that Dumaguete, as revealed by God to them in prayer, is a place of refuge. I didn’t know that until now. I went here to rest. I have indeed chosen the right place to find rest in. But more to the refuge of resting and not doing any ministry work, there is also a place of refuge in the midst of co-revolutionaries who are contending for revival the way I am. It’s like when Elijah reached Horeb thinking that he is alone. Then God says there is a remnant. And God shows him who they are.

My friends here in Dumaguete are encouraged by these young intercessors. And so am I, because they are a SUDDEN REVELATION of God’s hidden reinforcement, a source of strength for rangers like us, who could often feel alone in battle.


2 thoughts on “Place of Refuge

  1. Wow! I also pray for such “like-hearted” people in my community…many Christians have not yet awakened but God is waiting for them…it would just take one kiss of fire from heaven to awaken such individuals…Lord, awaken them now! 😀

    isohunt, utorrent


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