Vacation and more vacation please!

Hi all!

Did I blog about my desire to go out of town, somewhere like  Baguio, to take a refreshing break, seek God and  reflect? I did desire  to and once again it happened… the swiftly answered prayer. I’m in Baguio now.

I’m staying at YWAM  base and there’s an ongoing CDTS class, that same course I took years ago (2006). My  sis and br0-in-law are teaching and I’m snooping around. Funny I was even offered opportunity to handle one session. I said ‘no.’ Teehee, ‘I’m on vacation!’ Ahahaha…

I loooooove Baguio. We went of Starbucks John Hay last  night. The weather is just refreshing! I also played with my nephew almost the whole  afternoon! We practiced some Christmas songs for caroling, him on percussions me doing vocals. Ahaha. So much fun! Buuut, I was not able to really pray much yet! I haven’t taken the  time to pray. But I am so thankful that I  am here! I have a job waiting for me when I  get back. I need time to ihale pine-tree scented oxygen. Gasp*

Another cool thing is that the nostalgia is reminding me of what God did in my life years ago when I was taking this same course that I am now given an opportunity to be part of as a teacher instead  of a student. I touches my heart… God’s work truly advances, day and night, on and on.

I also realized we need to get Jethro a dog. He keeps making me do the ‘woof woof!’ sound  with his stuffed doggie toy. Gosh at first it was fun but  now  it’s so tiring! LOL.

And I didn’t bring my guitar so I’m missing mine really bad.

I sill have half a day left.  And a tiny bit more time tomorrow  morning. But check this out, I’m flying to  Dumaguete on Wednesday! I promise not to sneak in some work God (which I did yesterday and today,,,eeek cheater!).

ONce I start working full time while continuing the campus ministry work, part time w/ jrev and church ministry, and hopefully pioneering ministry work in my alma matter, errr and the freelance stuff I do through oDesk, I’m not sure I could easily sneak in a vacation like this.  Sigh! Ad majorem dei Gloriam!!!

Love  love,



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