SV Day 2 – Love Heals (The Lady’s Hand)

Sues dei! Sok sabbai te?

(Hello! How are you?)


She started pointing to different parts of her body – her stomach, which was bloated. Her eyes, which had poor vision. Her left hand, which was paralyzed – as if we really could do something about it. Could it be that the news about the boy who got healed had spread? Or maybe she just had a sense that healing and salvation was coming to her house that day.

Pastor San, our host who was the pastor at a local church there in Sihanouk Ville, gathered a small crowd of 20 or 30 and had them sit on mono block chairs somewhere in the middle of the dusty path surrounded by shanties and low cost dwellings. The old lady whom we had greeted “How are you?” watched with a smile on her face as some of our youth preached about Jesus. I watched her hunger draw her in. Without hesitation she raised her hand at the invitation for salvation together with some others in the crowd. She’s perhaps older than my grandma who had passed away. Kids also raised their hands that day, kids about the age of my niece… God is a god of generations!

Then we started praying for healing. I stayed close to her. It was like God’s spirit in me wants to lay hold of her and never let go until she gets healed. Several of us have our hands upon her as we prayed for her healing. I led her to a prayer releasing forgiveness to those who ’caused her injury. Then my friend Cookie prayed. So did Pastor San. I knew I had no power of sorts. But burning in my heart that moment was heart-melting sense of God’s love. God, heal her because You love her, was my prayer.Then came the moment to test her fingers. Pastor San put a pen in her hand and she grasped it firmly! A miracle indeed since her fingers had been curving backward already and could not bend at the joints. Hahahaha! And God had showed off again!

But more than anything, I knew that God was teaching me about His love. More people that day were touched by God’s healing power. It somewhat put me in a daze. I realized that it’s possible for God to be healing so many and still my heart would lay numb. I could also stand in awe without realizing that it’s all about the love of God and not so much about God ‘showing off.’

I thank God that He allowed me to feel His love that afternoon, the very reason why He heals. I thank God that wherever there is love, there can also be healing. Not just in Cambodia…

Wherever my spirit could access His love, there will be miracles, and JOY.

I miss the smiling grandma. I want to weep every time I remember her joyous face.


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