…And a Time to Reap

Some two nights ago, I had a dream. In the dream, I was with a friend who’s a former Ateneo alumnus in a place called Katipunan. The place we were in looked like a vast open space. Then I told my friend (in Tagalog) as if we’re trying to figure out how to split the property, “So shall we stand in the center with our backs to each other and you take everything that’s ahead of you and I’ll take the rest of the other side?” And in the dream there seemed to be a place where we can start a new church. I woke up from the dream excited because I believe it meant that God is giving us the territory and the harvest that goes with it. I have been praying with another friend for the Katipunan (Road) area where a lot of campuses are — both high school and college.

That same morning, I found that my sister had sent me an sms message. She forwarded to me the sms message of one of our young people describing how they had not stopped evangelizing because they were hungry for more souls. Right there I sensed that it is “time” and that God is sending us a signal to “go for the harvest.” Start evangelizing for I have given you the land. We have been sowing prayers. Now it’s time to reap souls!

Then just tonight, I learned from one of our JREV intercessors that she had recently enrolled in a university along Katipunan. The same university I have been praying for. And she’s excited to make disciples in her new campus. My eyes balls wanted to jump out. And my mouth flung wide open. Then “Let’s go do it!” I said. There you go… I’m lending her my copy of The Blueprint. We’re just in time for the opening of classes this June. C’mon, c’mon, aren’t we? 😀


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