Under Water

Yeah I’ve been taking swimming lessons the past week. Last time I had lessons was when I was a small kid. Around twenty years hence, I’m in the water again trying to rediscover the basics. It was a pleasant surprise to “internalize” how difficult it is to hold one’s breath under water, and how impossible it is to breathe under water. At least for non-amphibians like us. Ahaha!

But why do I have to “internalize” these things? Well, I received a prophetic word from Leny like more than a year ago and until now I could not figure out the meaning completely. She saw me in a vision where I was slowly submerging in water. But I refused to dip my head. I was afraid to go “all in” and risk it all. Then she said that God is calling me to completely dip myself, even my head because when I do, I will begin to see things differently underneath. And then God will give me the ability to breath under water. Woah!!!!!!

On my first days in the pool, I suddenly remembered that prophetic word! I didn’t have goggles yet and so it was difficult to open my eyes when submerged. I was also just starting to get used to holding my breath under water. It was… HARD. I kept inhaling water. It’s painful in the nose and head when you do. I also find it difficult to do the “breathing” for freestyle correctly. In short, I was having trouble learning how to BREATHE while swimming. How many of you know you will drown if you don’t learn when to breathe and when not to breathe?

And so I remembered and I was amazed by the prophecy. Really God? To breathe under water? The awesomeness of it sinks in better when I was thinking of it during swimming class with my body submerged in the pool and my nose and head aching from too much water intake through the nose. Not a good feeling at all!

Yeah it’s not easy to risk your life by allowing yourself to “sink.” But in swimming, sometimes you need to sink first before you float. You surrender your body to the water and then it will carry you. Or you submerge your head and hold your breath. But to breathe without putting your mouth out. That is another story.

One thing I know is that God knew that I will be taking this swimming class this time of the year. I didn’t have the prophetic word in mind when I enrolled. Duh. But I think God did. And He wanted to take me to the place where I am now, asking… “So Abba, how exactly do it dip my head?”


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