More on SV Day 1, More Healed and Little Kids Follow Us to Church

the old lady whose eyes were healed and whose little girl was healed of her fever

It reminded me of what I read in the Bible where crowds followed Jesus around. Only this time, it was only a bunch of kids, one of whom had been miraculously healed in his arm. (But that’s how it must have started when Jesus preached.) They were drawn not to us, but to the presence of God. Perhaps, partly because of the miracle, but I’d like to believe it was more than that. It’s everything that goes with “it” — the sense of awe and attraction to something they were meant for — a life in the Spirit.

From the place where the little dude’s arm got healed, we went to another house, the house of that vicinity’s leader. Maybe someone like a barangay captain… Most of the people in Cambodia are Buddhists. Someone shared the Gospel but this lady said she believes that all gods are somewhat the same. She said that she’d accept Jesus only if her eyes get healed. Minutes later, her vision had improved after prayer. Then she prayed the prayer with Pastor San. And she came to church a week from that  Tuesday.

When she said her eyes improved, I kept wondering if she was just saying so to make us feel good or because she wanted to believe that it had improved. With translations going on every time, I keep wondering if the translation had been properly performed. But God must be thinking, ‘Why can’t you just believe the miracle, Riz?’ Honestly, I had no trouble believing God would heal. But after the person has been healed. Man! I keep thing, “Darn that was fast!”

And like I said, the boys from the other house had followed us together with the kid that had gotten healed. So these three little dudes also said yes to Jesus, including a young man who was a drunkard but happened to be sober that day (a rare occurrence that makes one wonder why it happened that day -of all other days in the year- when we were there,.) A little girl was also down with fever. She also was healed.

We went back to church and the kids (including the little girl who’s supposed to be sick but was already well) and the young man followed us there. What to do with them right? Who has right to shoo them away? What do we do when people start following us because they’ve seen God’s miracle and they’re  hungry for more of God?

What if God releases healings on the streets and the hungry start to follow you around wanting to hear or experience more of anything that has to do with your God? It makes me wonder if we really are ready for the ‘revival’ that we keep praying for.

Some of my teammates taught them fellowship songs. They were joyful. Beaming. Life-filled. I was… tired. I had welcomed sitting on a bench. Oh the freedom to just stare at them and not move a single muscle due to tiredness. But I was also thrilled and amazed. But I didn’t have much energy left to teach. I just wonder, what if…. what if there are more? How much do we want to be followed around and asked about God?

So that was ‘day 1.’ Honestly, until now the memory of that day is like oil on the water of my understanding. Sa Tagalog, di ko pa rin ma-absorb! So I kept on replaying what had transpired. And then I asked the same question over and over, “What was that all about?” Until now, I could not come up with an answer that feels right. So I just smile, shed a tear and say, “God is really really good. How He loves us.” Truth is, every comment I could make just feels so lame. And I honestly don’t know how to end this blog entry. Uhm, please wait for ‘day 2‘?


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