More on SV Day 1, The Little Boy Gets Healed

Just now I realize that it is rather unfair to say that the first thing we did was go from house to house. Back in Manila, at least two intercessors are praying for me and my team daily. That’s just for my end of the prayer covering. My teammates also have their own intercessors. Every night, we would also come together as a team in worship and intercession. And every morning we gather early for devotions.

Day 1 in Sihanouk Ville was a Tuesday. After five people had accepted Jesus, we went further into the village and preached in front of a cottage where two old ladies were seated on the steps to the cottage entrance. There were also other people who listened to us, some of them attentively, while others “half-listened” while doing some chores nearby.

Maybe it would be apt to call this the “Miracle Cottage” where one miracle led to several miracles. I will be writing more about this later. 🙂

One thing very noticeable in Cambodia is the abundance of spirit houses. These are the miniature houses where they offer incense to Buddha or whatever spirits they believe in. There were quite a lot of those surrounding this particular house. As one of my teammates preached, I sensed a kind of resistance in the atmosphere. I didn’t sense this during our previous encounters. After preaching for what seemed like longer than the previous preachings, nobody responded to the invitation to receive Christ. It was… of course… rather disappointing but not a surprise. Although… we have already noticed a young lad with a sling around an injured arm reclining on one of their outdoor benches.

We called for him and asked permission to pray for him. Permission was granted. We prayed. In Jesus name. “How do you feel?” He said the pain had subsided. We prayed again. He started moving his hand (which according to him he could not do before) and said the pain was completely gone! He was probably in as much awe as we were because the expression on his face has not changed yet. I asked if he wanted to receive Jesus. (He also heard the preaching because he was just there almost the whole time.) He said YES! I was close to tears.

Healed and Saved

I always hear my pastor say, “God is no respecter of persons…” Whether young or old, rich or poor, male or female, when we received Christ, we all became God’s children. There are no second class citizens in the Kingdom. This was how I felt while watching the kid accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. God was pleased to usher this young boy into salvation. God’s eyes had been on him all along. The rest of them may have rejected the Gospel, but God’s joy is full for He was able to display his miracle working power by healing this kid, and He was able to give him new life.

This is one of the lessons God had begun to teach me in Cambodia. Most of my time was spent ministering to kids. I used to imagine “evangelism” and “ministry” as towards teens and adults. But kids deserve to hear the SAME Gospel that we preach to the adults. And they deserve to have their chance to begin a new life in Christ. Not as “second class” Christians through a “watered-down” Gospel, but as real believers who have had a real encounter with the power of God.


…then of course, we went to another house where this boy followed us with his friends. Oh yeah, he didn’t return to that bench anymore where he had previously laid down in pain. They were laughing mischievously as they peek behind walls. (As if we can’t see them!) We called them to join us. So his other friends also received Jesus Christ. And so did another young lad who was there at the cottage listening to the Good News. More about that on the next page!


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