what happened in ho chi minh

So let’s get back to those untold stories from last month…

Our plane landed in Ho Chi Minh April 26, 2011. It was my first time in the city and in the country. I was so thrilled. And though the hostel has free wifi, my E52 has its limitations (Duh! It’s so hard to type using a cell phone keypad!), …and so does “freedom” in the said nation.

None had intentions to enter the “prison ministry” or get deported. So don’t tweet anything that implies that authorities ought to spy on you. Besides, they don’t really have a reason to spy on us right? But fortunately, the district was no longer as strict compared to the past years. The more daring “underground” Christians are able to move more freely without getting arrested. But they still do… get arrested. Just some facts so you know. 🙂

But yes, tourists like us need not worry right? We’re just there to see the National War Museum, Cu Chi Tunnel, Ben Thanh Market and the Night Market… Also, eat Vietnamese food, learn some Vietnamese phrases, shop, and fellowship with those who are familiar with the prison ministry. You get the idea? More on the next blog. Just ask me for the magic word.

Btw, this looks very much like the place where we had lunch on our first day in HCM City!

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