Sihanouk Ville Cambodia Day 1…

I want to post blog entries that have photos but our photos in Vietnam have not been uploaded yet. So I’ll start with Cambodia.

We took a bus from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh on May 2, Monday, at around 8AM. We reached the capital city around lunch time. We split into three teams. One went to Kandal Province (where there is no electricity – they use a generator during daytime though, no running water – they use rain water, and scarcity of translators but abundance of insects especially at night. Go Kandal Team!). The other stayed in Phnom Penh where most of them taught English. The other team, my team, took a 5-hour bus trip to Sihanouk Ville Province. Yeah baby! We’re the first JREV Team to go there… Sihanouk Ville was definitely a mystery to all of us (and all of them) until we reached the place. We heard of frogs and snakes being served as local delicacy. So we flexed our muscles, and readied ourselves for ‘almost’ anything. But lo and behold, Sihanouk Ville turned out to be a tourist place where white beaches thrive. Well hello white coasts! What a surprise indeed!

But that was for later the next day. We arrived past 8PM and rested for the ministry work early the next morning. The first surprise was not the beach though. I just fast forwarded. Haha. We went to a poor vicinity right across the church where we’re staying. We did house-to-house evangelism. It was… exhilarating. First door, the lady accepted Jesus. Then her neighbor also said yes. And their other neighbor, three young professionals, prayed to receive Jesus! Believe me, we were going by translations word per word. I didn’t know whether to believe what’s happening or not. But it happened. There were eight of us, our host pastor and translator, four girls and three other guys. We spoke one after the other, all unplanned speeches that flowed smoothly and spontaneously as if we we passing batons until the last runner hit the finish line with the prayer of acceptance. Looking back, it was literally amazing. It was pure grace.

My teammate Cux, sharing the Gospel thru a bracelet. 🙂 First convert for the day. We were all amazed. “Really? You want to accept Jesus? Really” Oh yeah, we were kinda weird huh?

But the day was not yet about to end. The next house we visited made me hold back tears. I still remember our precious moment outside that house. It is something that has marked me for the rest of my life. It was the first house that rejected the Gospel, save for one… On my next blog entry. 🙂


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