Sokha – Another love song….

(via Facebook Note)

personal shot of Sokha Beach in Cambodia - the surprise visit during sunset that made us all go gaga

So I suddenly found myself writing this song and then realized it was inspired by the beach we went to in Cambodia. I hope the beach does not have any negative meaning attached to it. 😀 And I’m not really sure if the song will make sense to you. Hehehe… But I’d like to dedicate it to my teammates! Love and miss you guys!!

I would also like to didikit this song to my friends who are soon to be wed. Yihiiii!


Love has found me
Caught me wide-eyed
Staring at the sunset
Smiling at the waves

If you didn’t seek me
How did you get here?
You were staring wide-eyed
Smiling at the waves

We have finally found a place
Where we can stand in awe
Watch the sun, the moon and stars, together
And wonder where the clouds are going

Watch the sun, the moon and starts, together
And wonder where they’re taking you and me


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