Day One in Manila, Pre-Reflections

We were at the airport early at around 8pm last night (9pm Philippine time). Flew 1am (or 2pm Philippine time) and arrived 4am local time. After 5+ hours of sleep from 8am to 12pm, I spent the rest of the day Facebooking. I’m sorry. I really missed it. And I was hoping that some people might have missed me too. Apparently, most of them are oblivious to my departure, including my arrival. Hehe. Just joking. It’s relaxing to simply have nothing to do (even though I have so much to do… like the 1-paragraph reflection and journal reports on our Vietnam trip. Hawhaw.)

Now I’m stretching… physically (yes I’m still sleepy, groggy and heavy tired. Yo I could fall asleep easily right this moment), mentally, and maybe spiritually. Oh we’re all tired but I know I need to start writing before business starts to get the better of me.

The story… can be told from different angles. There’s our youngest teammates’ testimony of grueling it through homesickness and the disappointment of failing to get the permission to get a flight back home as soon as possible. There’s me, humbled just to watch her transform as she takes the challenge of completing our missions trip. And then there’s the simple rebukes we receive from situations that expose our shallowness. And the encouragements of becoming part of miracles that led to tears and new souls for Christ. And there’s stories of new friendships and old friendships re-inforced — across cultures, across racial differences, across denominational differences – including me meeting up with a friend that I got to know through Twitter. I know right?

Then there’s learning “how-not-to-shop” even though you want to buy everyone more than just one gift. Dang that’s hard.

Then there’s the beach and unexpected sunsets by the shoreline. 🙂

Then there’s “what is God really saying to me in all these?” And it may be so different from what He is saying to the rest of my teammates but it’s that which I must figure out. I have not really figured it out yet. With many bits, chunks and pieces, I’ve been awed. But I’m still not quite sure what has transpired. Hopefully, as I re-tell myself the stories, I would understand. And hopefully, you would be blessed.

Also, as the outreach has already ended, another season begins for me.

So this is me in Manila on Day 1 – trying to embrace my new season and make the most of days that have passed.


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